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Shadan A - posted on 10/23/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello Parents,

My 4 year old almost 5 year old is in pre-k and she is very friendly kid. She does great on one on one play dates or super small groups once it becomes a larger group it is a little bit of an issue.

Off late I have noticed that some of the kids are not being very nice to her in school one pushed her right in front of me I was nice to the boy and asked him to apologize; he being a little kid did as he was told.

Another issue is sometimes my daughter says hi to these few kids and they ignore her or do their own thing or walk away or play with certain kids only. I guess they play always with the ones they know outside or know each other more or one or two have older siblings who are friends. This upsets me. My husband and I have told her that she has plenty of friends and that if someone is not nice to her, then not to bother with them or just walk away but she insists on playing with them. I can't stand to see her feeling hurt and I'm trying hard not to involved.

I just ask our daughter to be nice and move away. Of course if someone pushes her the next time I have asked her to defend herself in anyway possible.

I don't want my little girl to let anyone be mean to her or have her feelings hurt. I want to get through that she doesn't need to be friends with people that are like that. How should I handle this? This is my first child and as of now the only child.

Do kids grow out of this or is it going to impact her long term she is a little upset about it but still loves school as she has 2 good friends.

I have spoken to her and tried to do play dates with our kids but parents are always busy or it doesn't work out meeting up.

Please advise

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