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me and my husband are trying to get custody of his daughter, we are currently going through court and are 100% confident that we will recive custody. her mom does currently have monitored visitation, her anut has to be present. a fue days ago her anut asked us to miss our family christmas party so her mom could have a sleep over with the child. we sujested a play date because of the plans wich she didnt like but agreed to. when we asked when to drop her off she asked me to take a day off work since the aunt had several job interviews (the mother does not work either and they are the only ones in the house hold), we explained that the TRO states that she has to be there the entier time and we denied the visitation request, as is our right.

later that week the aunt called back and said she had cancled her interviews so presley could come over, we didnt believe her and still said no. since then her mother has not spoken to her or answered her phone and presley keeps asking why she can not see her mother, we are still in the custody battle and I am not allowed to say anything negative about her mother per the TRO.

how to i explain the situation to her, without making her mom look bad? and since the situation may change, the answer has to be as close to the truth and as kid friendly as possible. she is also upset about her aunt as well, she wants her mom to go back to live at the wayward home that she was kicked out of,, she keeps crying and asking about this as well. i've already tried mommys busy, mom said you were gonna visit with us for a while, and at this point mommy is busy and wont answer the phone. and i keep telling her that mommy doesnt like at the wayward home anymore, she only continues to ask why to every answer we can think of.


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Depending on her age, you may be repeating yourself a lot. You just tell her in simple terms what is going on. Tell her that there is a disagreement with mommy and its being worked out. And from what you said there is a disagreement. That statement does not make mommy look bad or you or daddy or auntie. Its simple and direct. If that is not going to work you will just have to tell her that mommy is a bit busy right now and she can see mommy soon like you have been.

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