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Joan - posted on 06/21/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am a full time working mom. The father is an actor so basically unemployed. He is a good dad, but does not want to pay child support. We were never married. Is it possible for me to get full custody she just turned 3.


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Jodi - posted on 06/21/2014




Child support and custody are generally treated as two separate things. They can't order him to pay child support from money he doesn't have. But that isn't up to him to decide. On the other hand, you can't gain full custody just on the basis that he doesn't pay. What is the custody arrangement right now? How often does he see her?

Michelle - posted on 06/21/2014




Ask a lawyer. You would need to go to court to get full custody but unless your daughter is in danger around him, I doubt you will get it.
If it's because he doesn't WANT to pay child support I would file to make him pay. Why should he get away not helping with the costs of raising a child? The only way he will get out of having to pay is to give up his parental rights, you really don't want that. Your daughter has a right to have a relationship with her Father.

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