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Hi everyone. So my partner and I have a 7 months old son. We live together and depend on centrelink because he can't seem to find work (that's what he says anyway but the truth is he just doesn't wants to work).He smokes weed all day long, gets very angry easily and I think it has something to do with weed - that's another reason why he can't work. He is 40 in a few days and I'm 27. When our son was two months old my partner choked me in front of him but apologized after doing that. I want to go back to work because I want our son to have a good life but I'm scared to leave him in his care because every five minutes he runs to the back of the house to have a smoke. Many times I have told him I want to break up and he says I can go but leave our son behind! Even though he is home 24/7 like me I'm the one who is always looking after our son day and night. He doesn't even change our son's nappy because it will make him puke! Yeah I know he is the father of our son but I just can't leave this guy to be the role model in his life because he will just turn out to be like him and that's not a way of life. He has told me many times if I leave him and take our son he will kill me and kill all my family members. I'm thinking of taking him to court but I'm scared he might actually hurt my family. Any advice and oh I live in Australia.


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You need to get out and slap a restraining order on him. He is abusive and controlling.

Ring the police and tell them what he is doing, they can help you get out as well. If you left your child with him and anything happened you could be charged because you knew that he was an unfit parent.

Here is the number for the domestic abuse hotline. 1800 799 SAFE (This is in Australia)

Here is the website I got it from: http://www.thehotline.org/


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Kuei - posted on 04/07/2013




Hi kelsey,thank you for your advice.i am trying my best.we had a massive fight again today and now he won't even let me out of his site!...he is watching me like a hawk.

Kelsey - posted on 04/07/2013




Get out now and take that baby with you. If he threats bodily hurt to you, family members or even that baby get the authorities involved. Look up the laws in Australia and get familiar with your rights. Get a lawyer and possibly? a restraining order on him, if you can do that. At any point if or when he's gone, go to your parents or other family members or friends. Everything can be replaced if need be, just get yourself and that baby to a safe place.

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