Full day jk for my 3 1/2 year old?

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I am unsure of whether to send my daughter to jk this year or wait a year. She is currently in daycare 3 days a week and I am able to put her in jk full time in September. She won't turn 4 until December. I am unsure of whether to send her to jk this year or wait a year. I have spoken with her daycare providers and they have suggested to wait until next year. Intellectually I think she'll be find, she knows her numbers, abc's, etc. The concern that I'm getting from daycare is in regards to extra coaching/cueing she requires over the older children and that they feel she isn't very assertive around the other children. I am thinking of upping her daycare to 5 days a week and then waiting a year for jk. I have searched online for how other Dec. babies have fared if sent young or held back, but most posts I've found are discussing 4 or 5 year old jk cut-offs. Anyone have a 3 year old Dec. baby that they sent to jk or held back a year? How do you feel your child fared?


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My December born twins went to Jr K (in a regular K class... they were just called Jr K kids cuz of their age) at 4.5 and then first grade at 5.5. They are 10 and in the 5th grade and doing wonderfully.

I'm November born at started first at 5.5 as well.... and have always suffered socially (though holding me back most likely wouldn't have helped anything).

Personally, if her day care providers are suggesting you wait.... I'd probably wait. 3.5 is REALLY young to be in Jr K.

My just turned 4 year old son is only in preschool 2 days/week and it's a great fit for him right now.

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