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Anybody have any good ideas for a few fun baby shower games?? I want to have the people laughing, enjoying themselves and what not. Thanks!


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Games I've done at past baby showers:

1. Get five diapers. Melt a different candy bar in each diaper. Have the guests smell and carefully inspect each diaper and guess what kind of "poop" it is. Let them write down their answers and a prize goes to the one who gets the most correct.

2. Split the group into two teams. Get two baby dolls and two diapers and two blindfolds. This goes relay style. The first two on each team are blind-folded and must properly diaper the doll. The diaper is removed, the next team member is blind-folded and must diaper the doll and so on. The first team through wins a prize.

3. Buy several different baby food combinations (you know, like apples and chicken). Cover the labels, but have written down somewhere else what they are. Have the guests taste and guess what they are. The one with the most correct wins a prize.

4. The clothes pin game the previous poster suggested.

5. The cut a string the length of mom's belly game the other poster suggested. The closest gets a prize.

6. As guests arrive, have them write down how many bibs (or pacifiers or whatever) they think mom will get. The one with the best guess wins. This game will make people pay attention to the gifts while being opened.

For prizes: wrap small baby items like sippy cups, bottles, socks, onsies, etc. Let the game winner open the prize then let them present it to the mom-to-be.

Tie a long string somewhere in the room. As mom opens cute new baby clothes, pin them to the string. It makes for a cute display for people to see all the precious little clothes. And it makes a great picture!

If mom likes to scrap book, make a scrap book page that says, "Advice for the New Mommy" and let guests write on it. Have another page that has the baby's name written going down the page. Allow guest to write a piece of advice that starts with that letter.

Get a bunch of Thank You cards. Give each guest an envelope and have them write their name and address on it. Then do a drawing from the stack of envelopes. That person gets a prize. And then the new mom already has all her thank you notes addressed!

There is no way you can do all this in one shower. So pick what you think the mom and her guests will appreciate the most and go with it!


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Marcy - posted on 08/24/2010




At my shower the girls did a fun game...Everyone got a piece of paper and a pen/pencil and there were 20 questions read outloud. At the edn of each question the guests had to write either mommy or daddy. For example A) When I am born I hope my body looks like my __________? B) I hope I have my _______ hair color. C) I hope I am smart just like my __________.

A day or so before ask the mom to be to answer the same questions....this way you have her answers. The winner gets some kind of prize.

Another fun game they did was guess what kind of baby food this is....go to the store and take the labels off the jars.......people have to taste the food and guess what it is....start off easy with something like carrots. Everyone has to write down what it is and only the ones who guess right get to move the end when you end up with only a few people you can do harder ones like mixed veggies etc.

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A long time ago (like 10 years x.x) I went to a baby shower where everyone got a clothespin and was told to pin it somewhere on their shirft. Once they had the clothespin, the game began--No one is allowed to say the word 'baby': if you are caught saying 'baby' your clothes pin is taken away. This game lasts until the end of the shower and is won by whoever has the most clothespins.

I always thought that was so fun, especially when you lose your clothes pin and try to catch others saying baby!

Mandy - posted on 05/18/2010




theres the melt different candy bars in different diapers and have people guess. theres put a whole bunch of diaper pins in a large bowl of rice, have people pick them out blindfolded and timed. most pins win--its actually a very hard game. guess the amount of toilet paper it would take to wrap around mommy's belly. then a fun one that i liked-- take tons of magazines (mostly baby and parenting ones) and have pairs "create" a baby that would look like mommy and daddy. cut a face out, cut eyes and ears out, etc. then dont forget the outfit! have fun! but don't do more than 3-4 or people will get bored. remember, people love food the most!

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