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I am starting to babysit two little boys ages 2 and 4 so all together i have 4 kids (2 girls 2 boys) and there ages are 1-4. are there any fun activities that i can do with the kids (inside) that will be fine with my 1 year old? I have them color but the older one gets bored with that pretty fast and they all usually either do there own thing or fight i cant have them do many things with small parts because my youngest likes to eat anything and everything but when shes sleeping i will bring a few things out. and i just feel bad that they get bored..

does anyone have any fun suggestions that can help these kids have fun and be safe for the younger one as well...




Maggie - posted on 04/12/2012




My 16 month old and my alomost 4 year old niece both love to bake. We mix batter by hand together and cut out cookies with plastic cookie cutters together. Put sprinkles and frost them together.

Also, Painting is always fun almost like coloring, but a bit messier.

Puzzles and games with Shapes, numbers, and Letter can be fun. Being that the oldest is 4 its a great way to have him learn some of these things as he is or will be starting school soon.

You can cut out some shapes, Letters or Numbers out of felt, paper, or foam. Hide them around the house and have them run around the house looking for them. As they find them have them set them down on a poster board that has the shapes outline on it. This way they search for the shape and have to identify where it should be placed when placing it on the poster board.

Instead of using Poster board you can also put out different color buckets and if you cut out the shapes in colored paper, ect... they can drop them in the right color buckets.

Maybe a fun dance or child exercise game can be fun. Like Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Song?


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Kelsey - posted on 04/12/2012




Thank you.... Those are all GREAT Ideas... My youngest just turned one last week so baking is a little harder and painting is messy we have all carpet so i will pass on that except maybe outside LOL so far we have done play dough and things like that, when its warmer we can do chalk and soccer and alot of fun things outside just inside is so hard and we do the same things every day i'm afraid they will get bored fast.... im thinking of maybe Simon Says or Red light green light but the letter idea sounds like a great idea we have the foam letters and numbers for the bathtub we can use. :)

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