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Interested in the shortest, most profitable and easiest way to help raise $$ for my school. I am time starved, but we need help. Ideas?


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Corporate sponsorship is very quick and easy, and the profit is whatever you want it to be.
We sell banners to hang along our ball fields for $200 each, and a local print shop makes them for us at cost in exchange for one free one for themselves.

We also partner with local restaurants for "Spirit Nights" We set a date, encourage everyone to eat dinner there that evening, and the restaurant donates a percentage of the sales to the school. It's a win win because the restaurant gets a lot of focused advertising, a huge, but predictable spike in business, and a lot of new exposure.

We partner with local grocers who use "bonus cards" or "Customer Reward Cards." You can register the school you want to support online (they usually have a list of several local schools to choose from, just speak to their local district or regional manager about adding your school) so when your parents spend money and have the store swipe their card, a percentage goes back to the school. This is another win win because parents are more likely to shop and spend more at a store where they know some of their money is going back to their school. (If your local grocers do not already have a donation system in place, it is VERY easy for them to add one if they are already using some sort of loyalty card program). Bi-Lo, Publix, and Target all have programs like this in place, you just have to get your school's name on their list, and get your parents to register.

Lastly, we allow local businesses to sponsor class tee shirts--the ones they wear on fieldtrips and the like. The business pays a certain amount that covers the cost of making the shirts and a profit for the school. (Some years, our school actually then sells the shirts to the parents at cost, so the entire sponsorship is profit for the school.

In addition to corporate sponsorship, direct donation campaigns are very little work....just put a "Donate" button on the school website and link it to the school's paypal account. The downside is that they don't usually raise a lot of money without a lot of VERY GOOD marketing, and that takes time and effort.

If you haven't looked into yet, also check out Boosterthon (google it, they have a website). It does require a good bit of time and effort, but it is definitely the biggest return on effort. It has been our biggest fundraiser every year since 2011, averaging a profit of about $60,000 year for our school of just under 1,000 students.

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