fussy eater 11 year old boy


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Fussy eaters are formed at a very young age. Parents don't want to fight with their kids about eating, so rather than enforce the "good" diet, they may slip into the "less than nutritious" diet, or the "whatever he'll eat as long as he's eating" diet.

That being said, you need to explore new foods WITH your son. If you are "trying" something with him, he'll be more likely to try it. (I used the " " on trying because even if you've had it before, you can tell him you're trying it...)

Everyone is going to have some food that disturbs them. I think it's human nature, or something, really. Mine is asparagus & brussel sprouts. To me, they're gross, nasty...fill in the blank there. And to be completely honest, I have NOT introduced those to my kids. But, we have adventured into many new areas foodwise, and from a very young age it was easy to see that if mom or dad tried something, the boys would be eager to do the same.

Mine are 18 & 15 now...LOL...every ONCE in awhile I'll "force" them to try another new thing (the other night it was the spinach-artichoke veggie dip, and they both loved it, like I knew they would...LOL) But now it's a lot easier to grab a celery stick, dip it and hand it to them...they are boys, they'll eat almost anything if they don't think about it first!

LOL...the only thing the family is divided on food-wise at this point is sushi. My oldest and I love it, my husband won't try it, and my youngest won't unless his dad does...

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