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Paulo - posted on 01/06/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My baby is extremely fussy and my wife is a new mom and very depressed right now and cant stand to see or hear him cry. We have tried all the remedies and changing formulas but nothing is working. I dont want to fight with my wife as we are both new parents and inexperienced. I do have alot of friends with kids and they all say the same thing. Try gripe water or try colic drops or it will go away just be patient. Pedestrians told us that we just have a fussy and colic baby and we are going to have to deal with it. Im ok with it but my wife isnt convinced. Are we feeding him enough and how do I know if I am or I am not?


Emma - posted on 01/06/2014




Hi my son was the same and I got very low so I totally understand how your wife feels I tried everything from changing the milk from breast to formular from boiled water to colief drops untill my son stopped taking milk completely then the health visitor listened at last I got a doctors appointment and he was brilliant he explained that my son had a silent reflux and he was prescribed infant gaviscon the change took a little while but the difference was incredible I always knew something wasn't right it's a mothers instinct if your not happy get a second opion and see if they can look into other issues , I hope this has given you a bit if hope :) good luck

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