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My 7week old is always fussy around 5 pm. I wake him from his nap at that time to feed him, then at 6pm I give him a bath. He falls asleep sometimes if we are holding him. As soon as we swaddle him to put him to bed for the night (or at least until next feeding time) he wakes up. I then have to give him another bottle. Do any of you have a good schedule for your babies. I'd love to know and do they work for you?


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I love having a routine for my boys, although I never put them on sleep routines until older, I pretty well let them guide me there. I started feeding routines around 2-2.5mths, but it was guided by watching the approx time they would ask for food, then I just fine tuned it a little so I'd know pretty well when they need to eat.....for my eldest 3hr feeds worked great, the last 2 feeds 2hrs apart. That had him sleeping about 6-7hrs at night. for our youngest, he works better on 4-4.5hr feeds, and his last 2 of the night are about 3-3.5hrs apart. I only stirred them for the last feed of the night, which they would usually sleep through. I was/am too afraid to wake them fully and then get over tired.
If he's getting grizzly he may just be tired, and an overtired bub is not easy to put to sleep. Both my boys slept most of the time at that age, only being awake 1-1.5hrs between sleeps.

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At this age they still need a lot of sleep during the day, and often it's the case that if they sleep too little during the day, they won't sleep well at night either. I would stop waking him from his nap, and go with the flow as far as feeding goes. I think he's too young to be on a schedule.


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I don't know if you want advice from me, I didn't get a good schedule going with my son until he was 9 months old. But my only plan at the time was "never wake a sleeping baby" and "feed the baby right after he wakes up, and then have playtime, then try to make him sleep again." He started sleeping about 7 hours a night from 10 weeks on, and once he was asleep it was good, but putting him to sleep was very difficult.

Bell - posted on 10/24/2011




I have him on a schedule. I don't follow it to a t, but he takes a nap from 4 to 5pm. I don't want him to sleep too much during the day because he won't sleep good at night.

September - posted on 10/24/2011




Sounds pretty normal for a 7 week old. We did not really have a set routine that early on and just went with the flow. Letting him sleep and eat when he wanted to. I breastfed and he pretty much was on the boob 24/7 for the first 8 weeks of life. Our son has always been pretty regular when it comes to sleeping and eating so we just stick with it. Good luck it does get easier as they get older :)

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It's normal for babies to be fussy in the evenings. It's also normal for them to cluster feed at that time too.

Why do you wake him up at 5pm?

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