Fustrated - Baby Mama hates it when we look like a happy family

FoxyMom - posted on 12/13/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




This is more venting than anything. My fiance has a child by another women. He was never married to this women, the baby was a result of a short relationship and one night of sex when they were drunk. She got pregnant and ran away and then called my fiance almost a month after the baby was born to let him know he was a father. We've had DNA test done and it is true.

Well she comes back into the picture I'm assuming thinking they were going to get back together but we were already engaged and he wanted nothing to do with her but wanted to take responsiblity and get to know his child. It was a struggle to even get to spend time with her and could not go to court becuase we did not have the money.

Anyway, we are an active bunch, him, myself and my child like to walk on the greenway, look at Christmas lights, go to the park, etc. From day one I have accepted his child into our bunch and refuse to treat the child any different than my own, including the child in our activities, making sure one child is treated no different than the other. SHE starts drama with my fiance about how she don't want us looking like some happy family, she don't want me treating HER child like it were my own,etc and so on basicly wanting me to single out the child which I refuse to do. I am very careful not to cross any lines as I know how I would feel if it were my child but at the same time I refuse to treat the child as an outcast. If the child wants to be held I hold it, we laugh, we play and yes we probably look like a happy little family. As a parent myself I would be thriled if the girlfriend of my ex included my child. I just can't understand the selfishness of the mother just becuase she couldn't get what she wanted when she was the one that "ran away" to begin with.


Holly - posted on 12/13/2012




save up... save up all the money you can, find a lawyer who will make a payment plan for you... what ever it takes... GET A COURT ORDER!!!! show that she has run off before when she knew she was pregnant, see if you can manage to get primary custody of this child... you do not want her to run off with the child again!

about her not being able to stand you looking like a big happy family, this is just her being jealous that you re living the life that she wanted so badly! if she can't get over it, there is nothing that you can do. you are not in charge of anyone's happiness but your own.

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