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Hi. My name is Brandy. I'm from a small town in south GA and I'm 30 years old. My son is 3 years old now, he was born in October of 2012.
I found out at a regular check up I went to at 12 weeks 2 very important things.. #1 that i was having a BOY and #2 that my son had gastroschesis. I was at the very least mind blown when the Dr was doing my sonogram and out of no where he said "something doesn't look right" ..I was referred to a Dr in Savannah Ga.. a much bigger town than where I'm from. When I was told it was gastroschesis I was still in shock. I read everything I could and gathered all the info I possibly could.. I wanted to know why?.. after 2 previously perfectly normal healthy pregnancies and, deliveries. Why now? What was different this time? Most of what I read said that this condition happen mostly in teenage mom's and first time moms and here I was 27 years old pregnant with my third child and this was happening to me.. and I learned that it was nothing I had done, there really was no explanation that anyone could give me.. so dont feel bad or down on yourself if your expecting a baby with this condition, it just happens. My two older children were 10 and 8 at the time, so it had been years since I'd been pregnant and I was super excited when i found out i was going to finalay be having my last child! After so many years of really wanting 1 more. We had tried for years before that and was unsuccessful. ..just to have the whole experience, honestly I felt like it was ruined from the moment I got the news. Even though I was so happy, and excited, and so ready for the day i got to meet my brand new I was super scared, and unsure of everything, anxious, and so not "really" ready for that day. I didn't even know how to feel all these different types of feelings at the same time. It was very stressful for me. As I'm sure ithat is to you if your going through this now. I can't say it gets any less stressful, bc it never did, I worried my self crazy for the next 6 moths! And since I did live in a small town it was planned for my son to be born 2 hours away in Savannah where there was a hospital that was able to handle this situation I also worried about getting there in time if something were to happen. So there I was going through my pregnancy, waiting, waiting, and more waiting. Expecting the worst of everything I was reading, wondering if this was going to go good as possible or be an awful tragic thing. I just didn't know, and every story is a little different so yours may or may not go the way mine did. I read a lot that most mothers don't make it the full 40 weeks of pregnancy, that premature delivery was quite common with this condition, so everyday as i got closer towards the end of my pregnancy I felt like a time bomb and I was waiting for it to go off at any minute. So there I was 37 weeks laying in my bed at night.. and I felt my first contraction, when I felt it I knew exactly what it was and that it wasn't just in my head.. it was weird a little that I didnt feel any very light oncoming contractions though, like I thought I would.. not that that first one had me screaming in pain or anything, but it was very noticeable and all of a sudden, but b4 i said anything i wanted to make sure i felt it at least once or twice more b4 rushing to the hospital so I laid there in bed and sure enough about 15 minutes later there it was! And I knew it was time.. the day i had been so ready to come and the day i had been dreading was here, and all at once. So I got up and went to my local hospital.. I was scared to start the 2 hour drive to Savannah bc I had no idea how long it would take and definitely did not want to have this baby in the car! So I got to the hospital, they checked me and I was dilated to like 4 or 5 cm.. they also were scared to try to get me to Savannah bc my contraction were consistent and progressing (now that it's happened I know I would have had time to get there but it was to risky to chance at the time) so now here I am exactly where I really did not want to be, in this small town hospital, that was not equipped to take care of my son. So now Im there locked in, no question now it was happening there weather I wanted it to or not. I checked in at probably 10p.m. October, 20 2012 and once it was determined I would give birth here, they started me on Potosin (not sure how to spell that word) and I was given my epidural and ..just tried to prepare myself for this.. I new that just bc he was about to be here this wold definitely not be over, bc after his birth I new he would be hospitalized for an extended time, and since every baby is different you have no idea how long your baby will be in the hospital.. you won't know when you will be able to bring your baby home, and it sucks so bad!, just not knowing so many different things you really want to know. Anyway once I had gotten ready to have my son it was around 9a.m. the next morning. I couldn't feel anything bc of the epidural but through the monitors that were hooked to me I heard a loud pop sound, I called in the nurse and she checked me and the sound I heard was my water breaking.. they had chose not to break my water themselves bc I guess it was safer for him to stay in the amniotic fluid as possible


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