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I am 34 weeks pregnant with my second child, I found out at 18 weeks that she is a baby with Gastroschsis. At first I was terrified and depresses and pregnancy has been great and all my check ups (which are weekly now) have been good. But the closer I am to giving birth the more anxious im getting..not knowing really how to handle seeing her intestines outside of her and worrying about the surgery. How did any of you moms that had gastroschsis babies handle it? What was it like? What was the most stressful part for you?


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I'm also 34 weeks and found out my son has gastrochisis at 13 weeks.... I too felt terrified, anxious, depressed when I found out.... with every doctors visit I was put more at ease. My baby has been growing and developing other than the gastro.
I am just trying to stay positive and hope there aren't any or many complications once he is born as I'm quite the worry wart and don't handle stress very well.
I am also not trying to think about all the possibilities or the what ifs and rather stay positive, something I find very challenging. My husband is wonderful and very supportive and has been my rock.
Like Andrea said, I'm feeling very sad about not being able to hold him right away and give him the physical love I want to give him. Also, I'm worried about breast feeding. I was not able to pump with my first baby and I'm a bit concerned that I won't be able to pump with this one as well. But like my husband always says, we will cross that bridge when we come to it, stay positive, everything is going to be ok and the doctors are wonderful. They always tell me "of all the things your baby could have, this is one of the best, an easy fix with no longer effects".
Keep me posted and I will do the same!

Andrea - posted on 01/26/2014




Hi my name is Andrea, I have 3 kids and 6 year old little boy { non Gastro }
My daughter was born 4 almost 5 years ago at 36 weeks at 3lbs 8oz and 16 1/4in long With GASTROSCHISIS.. She had surgery at 8 days old.. She began feeds at right around 2 weeks of age..
I also have a 12 month old little boy { non Gastro }

I took it one day at a time, It is the best and worst roller coaster you will ever ride in your life, I just stayed as positive as I could, never once thought of what could happen just that I was going to have a little girl who was god's greatest gift to me.. I mean don't get me wrong all of my kids are gifts, to me god trusted me so much he wanted to have someone so special that he gave me my Gastro warrior.

What it was like-- Some days felt like HELL, other days I just wanted to pretend everything was normal and nothing was wrong. How ever it was always on my mind. I worried all the time, but tried to hide it from everyone..

The most stressful part was not being able to cuddle her right away, not knowing when surgery would take place, not knowing anything.. Starting feeds and then having to stop because she would get sick.

Please please if you have any question ask... I am an open book when it comes to My Daughters fight for life.. I also have a post on her all about my daughter I just posted a few days ago wanting to get in touch with other gastro moms Called Birth Defect Called Gastroschisis... Anyone dealing with this....
Take care and best wishes to you all...

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