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Melissa - posted on 05/14/2014 ( 9 moms have responded )




I was told that I'm having a girl and now the Dr says it's a boy and I don't feel like it's a boy it doesn't show a winky I'm so disappointed as I have a son


Michelle - posted on 05/14/2014




You should just be happy that your baby is healthy. Doctors can be wrong when looking at ultrasounds so the only 100% way to tell what sex is when the baby is born.

Sarah - posted on 05/14/2014




You get what God gives you. If the ultrasound was done too early than the winky may not have been present yet. So if you are anywhere from 16-20 weeks now and he says it's a boy, it might be. But then again, it could be mistaken for the cord- which I doubt.


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Jodi - posted on 05/15/2014




It can also NOT be obvious. It really depends how the baby is positioned when they do the ultrasound. My entire pregnancy with my daughter they could not tell. She was a surprise. It was simply the way she was positioned each time I had an ultrasound.

Either way, you shouldn't be disappointed, every child is a blessing, and we all know that when we get pregnant, gender is one thing we have no control over.

Casey - posted on 05/15/2014




It can be pretty obvious when it's a boy on an U/S. If you get a clear shot, I'd say you can mostly trust it. It's the blood tests that I wouldn't fully rely on since you have to really account for human error.

Don't be disappointed, though. This is why I try really hard not to expect a gender before I know. We all were hoping for a girl since we have a son (and he's the best son we could ever ask for). We had our gender scan yesterday. My husband, son, and I were happy just to 1) know for sure and, 2) see how healthy the baby is. Meanwhile, almost everyone I told, including my mom, was disappointed and clearly so. I'm still really upset over it. Like now my little baby boy isn't good enough.

You'll get over the disappointment. He's a baby and he's yours. You can't get better than that.

Ev - posted on 05/15/2014




I agree with what the others have said about this. You can not completely count on machines and people to tell you that you are having one or the other for sure. My ex and I were expecting our second and we had them tell us just to see if they would be right when the birth came along. We did not tell my daughter who had her hopes set on a sister. We did have a boy so this time they were right. But I think people tend to be sure that what that machine says dictates their lives waiting on this baby. Be glad you have a healthy child as not many do have the health to go along with the birth of their child. Be glad you can have children. Too many put way to many expectations on themselves and the doctors and machines.

Gena - posted on 05/15/2014




My Aunt was told she is having a girl..she was dissapointed because she wanted a boy..and when the child was born they asked her "dont you want to know what it is" she said ahh its a girl..wrong!She had a boy!
Just be happy that the baby is healthy,and since you have a boy already maybe you still have boys clothes..the two boys can play boy things together.Dont be upset.

Tanya - posted on 05/14/2014




I understand what you mean. I really wanted a girl and I got a girl but I think I would have been a bit disappointed if it was a boy.

But the ladies are right... gender doesn't matter as long as your child is healthy!

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