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Hi everyone , I am 23 weeks pregnant expecting my second child in Dec this yr. I had my ultrasound done on Tuesday wherein they told I'm having a boy. But I was thinking of a girl. My son is happy with either of the one he only needs a baby at home. Just wanted to ask can an ultrasound be wrong at 23 weeks? And the didn't even pointed me the parts neither I am given any shots of the picture do they give the picture shots specifying boy or girl or they just tell us orally. And the junior tech just showed me one glance telling this is penis so it's 100% a boy. I dont know whether i should trust her I'm confused? I have asked these questions only because this was my first gender prediction as nw I am settled out of India.


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Michelle - posted on 08/26/2016




It's a bit hard for them to get a boy wrong, you can't miss the dangly bits!!!
Sometimes you can be told it's a girl and it's actually a boy because the important parts are hiding.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 08/25/2016




Usually they are pretty accurate especially that far along. Mine were both accurate. If you don't trust it, ask to have another one. I don't understand what you mean about your son being happy and just needing a baby at home though.

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Thank u for replying. They just gave me some copies of head, hands, feet and eyes that's all nothing related to gender they gave. Do they also give a pic of the gender part.?

Ev - posted on 08/25/2016




Usually when you go to an ultrasound they do give you some paper copies of the pictures and I am quite surprised they did not give you one. You should know by now that they are not 100 percent when they tell you the gender of the child. Many people I know had been told one sex and ended up with the other one. There is a 50-50 chance of having one or the other.

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