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Hello, I have a question about gender ultrasound. I went to my 25 week appointment and the doctor confirmed me 100% my baby was a girl. He even describe to me the labia parts etc. Suddenly before ending the scan, something made me laugh and the doctor took a pic. where he pointed what looked like a penis. So he suddenly changed his mind and told me that I´m having a boy. The thing is that when I told him to confirm that image for me he couldn´t see the penis again, and that one pic that he took wasn´t inbetween the legs. It is confusing because in the same scan he said 100% girl and then boy. What should I believe?


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Well.... I wouldn't believe that tech. ;)

When I was pregnant before I had girls confirmed by a tech who hadn't gotten it wrong a single time in over 20 years. HIM I trusted, but there was still a 1% doubt in the back of my head. When I was pregnant with my son... he wouldn't quit flashing himself, so I was totally convinced with that one. lol

I don't think I'd be going out buying any solid pinks or blues anytime soon. Even with a good tech an ultrasound isn't always 100%. The only way to know for sure is birth (or an amnio, I believe, but I wouldn't risk one of those unless I had to).

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