genital herpes 41 weeks pregnant

Louise - posted on 08/15/2014 ( 5 moms have responded )




hi was just wondering if any one can help me, basically im just a stress head doctors have tried to reassure me but I keep googling and loads of other stuff comes up. Basically I have had genital herpes for over a year now, during my pregnancy I have had a few out breaks but then nothing until I was 38 weeks pregnant drs/midwife put me on aciviour mg 5 times a day which cleared the outbreak up which it did but at 40 weekd pregnant I thought I had another outbreak and got sent to the gum clinic, but could not tell as it was healing but he put me on suppressive treatment of aciviour mg 3 times a day as I was late taking them as I should of been started on suppressive treatment from 36 weeks but no one told me this. since been on suppressive treatment my midwife has given me 2 sweeps which has not worked im now over 41 weeks pregnant and going to be induced in two days time but now it feels like I have another outbreak I have looked but can not see nothing I don't know if its me just being paranoid cause going to be induced on Monday and they say I can still have a natural birth aslong as there is no outbreak, but could I get an outbreak taking this medication???? also if it is an outbreak will my baby still be safe as I had a sweep few days ago but there was defo no outbreak present when had sweep im just hoping its me being paranoid and over thinking thigs would be gratefull if any one could help.... many thanks


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 04/04/2015




I see that there were suppose to be 4 comments total. This usually means that posts were deleted. I really hope everything went well for you an baby.

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