Gentle Ease back to regular formula... Now she's eating less... Good? or Bad? Or no problem?

User - posted on 04/30/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




My infant had horrible gas and stomach issues from 0-4 weeks, which was not solved with burping, gripe water, and/or gas medicine. Well, those gave us a little relief but not enough to keep her from being very upset. Anyhow, at 4 weeks, I switched her to gentle formula (just off brand Sams Club--the difference b/t off brand and regular didn't seem to matter). At the same time, we switched her bottles to Vent Air. Anyhow, she began eating more and more on the gentle stuff. She's now 2 months (a little over 9 weeks to be exact...), and about a week ago, I began switching her back to the regular formula. She has been pretty fine with it, a bit more gassy and a little fussier, but nothing like before. I wanted to switch her back because I noticed "CORN SYRUP" as the number one ingredient on the "gentle" formula. All that said, she is not eating as much. In fact, she's dropped a whole bottle. She's sleeping through the night, and she's very strong; however, I'm concerned about the bottle dropping. She went from probably 25-20 oz a day to 20-25 ounces in the last week. Should I be concerned? Does the regular formula fill them up faster?

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