Gestational Diabetes at 29 weeks... additional testing?

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Hi All,
I was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 28 weeks after failing the 1hr GTT. My sugars were a little above 200. I am 39 years old, first pregnancy, average weight, petite, never really had to think about/monitor what I ate - so I guess I'm considerable lucky.
I've had a great pregnancy for the most part up until ~24 weeks. I moved and just couldn't seem to bounce back. Was feeling 'off' - started having a LOT of swelling issues and what we thought was pregnancy-related carpal tunnel issues (had 2 corticosteroid injections in wrists to alleviate some of the pain but still have constant numbness and tingling) and now at week 29, toes are going numb. I meet with the Diabetes counselor tomorrow to discuss diet and I have a previously scheduled growth ultrasound at 34 weeks. I am also not very big as far as my stomach goes - but I am wondering if I require additional baby-monitoring in the interim. You know, they throw that phrase 'potential stillbirth' out there and all hell breaks loose in my mind - so I just want to ensure I'm doing everything I need to do to ensure my baby is healthy and safe in there... Advice appreciated and thanks!


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Your doctor will make sure you have all of the monitoring you need.
It is important to remember that gestational diabetes is not related to weight the way Type II diabetes is. There really isn't anything you can do to avoid it if your body is prone to it.

The diet is not too difficult to follow. The most difficult thing for me was eating more regularly--I tend to eat 1 or 2 big meals a day and ignore food completely in between, but you can't do that with gestational diabetes; you have to eat throughout the day. You'll also avoid sugar and carbs, of course, but there really is a lot out there that you can eat, and the counselor will help you with that.

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