Get out of my SHIRT!

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My son...I'm ready to amputate his hands and give them back when he turns 21!
We breastfed for a year....and he weaned himself with no issues. (that broke my heart). was over a year ago. He's 25 months now.
My son has this thing with looking/playing/tugging/exposing my BOOBS! It doesn't matter where or when...I could be standing in line at the grocery store...I could be here on the computer. If he gets near my lap...he's tugging my shirt collar, lifting the bottom of my shirt...pinching me trying to tug at the sleeves...all the while he is trying to LOOK (or reach) down my shirt. He's really getting on my nerves with this. I just snapped at him...I didn't mean to...but he is tugging...choking me...with his face shoved in the neck of my shirt while I am trying to read. WILL YOU KWITTIT! I put him down.
He did this crap front of my best friend. She chuckled and said..."that's mama's boy! YOU wanted to breastfeed!"
Did I create this monster by breastfeeding him?


Sabra - posted on 05/17/2011




I have a daughter and I didn't really breastfeed and she went through this. I know the feeling she was constantly exposing me or trying to and it drove me crazy. She grew out of it though so just hang in there.

Carolyn - posted on 05/17/2011




sounding like a game to him.

Try not reacting to his behaviour and just relocating him ? It might get old real fast for you, constantly getting up and relocating him ( putting him at the other end of the room with a toy, standing at an angle where he cant reach you from the shopping cart) and just flat out ignore the behaviour ? it might work, just like when they throw tantrums to get what they want and you dont give in , they eventually figure out if this shit aint working, whats the point ?

maybe if you quit reacting, he will stop, because he is no longer getting that attention ( your reaction, wether positive or negative)


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I do ignore the behavior...It annoys the SNOT out of as soon as he starts it I have an instinct to get AWAY from him. He ALWAYS gets put down...I find something else to do..I direct him into something else to do.
I am really glad to hear from Sabra that her child did NOT breastfeed...but does this too. Thank You :)

Merry - posted on 05/17/2011




I agree, he's playing a game, you're feeding into it by reacting! He likely did it the first time out of innocent curiosity but your reaction was funny so he continues!
My son is the same age, but he is still breastfeeding, and he never does that. He asks politely to nurse and doesn't touch my breasts. So it's not the breastfeeding, it's a fun game! Deep breaths and ignore it before it gets worse :)

[deleted account]

I guess it could be worse...imagine what he would be tugging on if he were an ass/leg man! SHEW!

Maybe it's just a game...but DANG can't he just play itsy bitsy spider instead of putting on a live strip show in Food MY expense?!?

Bonnie - posted on 05/17/2011




If this continues though, it sounds like he is going to be a boob man :-)

Bonnie - posted on 05/17/2011




No you definitely did not create a monster. I also don't think your friend should have said, "well you wanted to breastfeed!". I breastfed my first son and had no problems. I weaned him at 11 months old and he never looked back after that. I think it depends on the child. Maybe he is just trying to be funny and he knows it bothers you.

Hopefully it will blow over sooner than later.

[deleted account]

he's got my blood pressure wound up! I still need more rant time.
He crawled up in Uncle Alan's lap yesterday with a Victoria's Secret catalog and sat there saying "yayayayayayayayaya" pointing at the boobies and telling Uncle Alan all about them.
I tried showing him his OWN boobies...that changed nothing. He's amazed by boobies...all of em.

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