geting pregnant after preterm infant death

Alisha - posted on 12/06/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




i am 22 yrs old i have a 2yr old daughter an engaged geting married in sept. 2013. bt i was recontly pregnant with my second child! i was due on april 15th 2013. bt at 16 weeks along i started cramping everyone said it was my cervices stretching so i didnt go to th dr. the cramping continued on a nightly basic till 18 weeks when i was n such pain i was crying then when i went to th bathroom (my natural insticks to go cuz i was hurting) i had a spot of blood. so i freaked out i woke my husband up an took our daughter to a friend an went to the hospital. i told him i felt lke i was in labor to make sure the dr checked to see if i was dialated. an when we got there that took me right back an i made then check me and i was fully dialated!! at 18 weeks! how could this be i still done know why bt i delivered an 8oz 9in long baby boy that we named bentley calvin. the drs said there was no hope as his lung were not developed an his eyes were fussed shut an his skin and bones were so thin. he lived for 45mins as his father an i held him and cryed! then only thing the dr figure is that my cervice was thin, since he didnt get to do an ultra sound before hand we dont know what happened inside before he was born! i lost alot of blood an had to get a tranfusen (thy thought thy would have to do 2 tanfusen bt thnks to stake i only had to hve 1). i go for my check up on th 12 next week. i have this empty feeling that i know will never be filled bt i want to try again as soon as i can. i know im gona have to weight an see a special dr to keep me from going into preterm labor since this would be the second time (i had my daughter at 31 weeks). bt how long untill my body is healthy enough to try again? and what can a dr do to keep this from happening again?

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