Getting 2.5 year old to bed.

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I am having trouble getting my 2.5 year old to bed. He falls asleep fairly quickly, but then seems to awaken what seems like every 30 minutes. I have to come back up, wait with him until he sleeps again, and I am finding it so stressful running up and down the stairs, sitting for 30 minutes, sometimes more with a child that would prefer to be sitting downstairs with me. Sometimes he comes down to look for me. I need help please. This crazy nightly pattern is driving me up the wall.


Kara - posted on 01/05/2011




Is he waking up because he's hungry or would you say this is just habit forming? Do you have white noise/music on for him? Is he simply going to bed too early?
My son is off and on a good sleeper...some nights he's right to bed...doesn't say a peep. Other nights he can be a screaming demon, that doesn't want to rest! Hang in there hun, and if all else fails, chat with your doctor. You need your sanity.

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