Getting a job once all the children are at school

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I was never career minded when i was younger all i wanted to do was get married and have children i got married and had my lovely boys and now im at that place where im thinking what next youngest son will be three in march so i have a couple years to sort out what i want to do before he starts school ....but the problem is i dont want a job where im going to be sitting at a till all day ...i would love to be a midwife but dont know where to start on becoming one and dont know weather it would be too much with family life too.......does anyone have any suggestions on what should do ??? Thanks guys xxx


Louise - posted on 02/17/2011




I went back to work when my youngest started school and I trained as a teachers aid and then moved into play groups where the holiday dates were the same as my childrens school dates. This was an ideal job as I never had to pay for childcare and I had the long holidays on full pay. From here I branched out into speech therapy and special needs training all courses payed for by employers.

I decided to have another child before I felt I was to old and now I am at home full time but I am already planning ahead and when my daughter starts playgroup in 6 months time I will be studying at home to bring my exams up to date.

As for being a midwife you will need science exams and maths and english to be able to join the course of three years. Once qualified you will be expected to work night shifts and day shifts on a rota basis. This will be a nightmare to get childcare for. Give this some serious consideration as it requires alot of commitment to the job.

Katherine - posted on 02/17/2011




I say go for what you WANT to do. It's going to be your career so I say go for it. You are waiting for the right time to start. Google and study some midwifery schools and cost vs benefit analysis.
I am going back also and have a 2yo and 5yo. I had to really think about what I was going to do and I think I'm going to go into ultrasound. The course is all online and takes about 15 months.
It's 5 months of clinicals, which I'm sure you'll have with midwifery too.
So you really need to sit down and think about this. Also when you're deciding do something you know isn't going to be outsourced.
Midwifery is definitely one of them.

Helen - posted on 02/17/2011




I would say the best place to ask advice is at a job centre or equivelant as they will tell you what qualifications etc you may need and help orientate you in the right direction


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