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As of today I feel like I'm at my ends meet as a single mother. In January of 2014 my daughters father had past away in a coma. He was very ill for several months and I have not spoken to him since of custody paper were filed when he past. I just heard from his family from time to time about his condition. During his illness I couldn't find a way to bring our daughter to see him since he was in isolation and I was still going through hurt that he put me through during our dispute for custody. Now that he is gone I'm working two retail jobs, living in a comfortable place and barely making ends meet. My cash aid was cut when the county saw my income for the holiday seasons which is unfortunate because I don't get the same amount of hours. I tried to see if I can get aid through social security but since her father never worked and only received SSI as an income I couldn't even get a dime for that. He never paid me any child support and I feel like I can only do so much for my daugthr now. I can't pay my rent, my car got impounded for 30 days and I'm diving for coins in the couch cushions to buy food. Does anyone know of anyway for me to get aid while I look for a better job?


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If your aid was cut based on holiday hours, you should be able to talk to your case worker, and provide pay stubs to show that your hours have been reduced again.

Also, if her father was receiving SSI support, his daughter should be eligible for something in regards to that too. Speak with a Social Security representative in regards to that.

In the mean time, check out local soup kitchens or emergency aid. In our area, there's an organization called 'Interfaith Good Samaritan' that is an emergency aid organization for families in situations simiilar to yours.

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