Getting baby ready for daycare. Help!

Karissa - posted on 03/15/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My baby is 6 months old and i am not returning to work until he is 11 months but i am dreading it already. He already plays strange and loves mommy :) What i am trying to do is make sure his nap routine and eating is good before he starts. (i know it will change alot until then but i want to start good habits early) But he is my first baby and i dont know what to expect. How predictable was your 11 month old, what did he/she eat, how often and what about naps ect.? How do i ensure he will know how to share and not throw tantrums? Also how often does he have to see people to know them? Should i start visiting the daycare once a week so he is familiar with it and the sitter? When i return to work he will only go to the sitter once a week because i only work part time and his dad had days off as well. I know i probably sound paranoid but i just want it to be an easy transition for both me and my baby and i want to look forward to going back to work.I rememeber when my sister went back to work, my niece was 15 months and never went to anyone but grandparents and me. She screamed most of the time she was there and it was heartbreaking for my sister to drop her off in the mornings, and it took a good couple months before she calmed down a bit and even then some days there was crying, i dont want that experience. Please help. Any advice, personal stories would help. Thanks mommy's!


Amy - posted on 03/15/2013




Well usually the daycare has their own routine. They can't have 5 different feed times and nap times for 5 different kids so my suggestion is to find a daycare that you are going to enroll him in and find out their schedule.

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