getting depressed in pregnancy

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hi everyone,im 37 yrs old pregnant woman carrying my second child after a gap of 10 oldest daughter is 10 yrs old..i was so excited in getting pregnant intially,since i wanted this baby badly,but now i feel my hormones are taking over and im constantly depressed over many things like a wonderful job as a teacher i had to give up because of the fear of swine flu,missing my friends,the joy of im anxious about sleepless nights,staying at home once the baby arrives...i dont know how i will manage since its been a long gap,now im scared,if i get sleep deprived,i become for instance i coulnt sleep yesterday,worrying about things,though im 28 weeks pregnnat...this is raelly hard for me,since im helpless,all my friends are working...i went through severe post partum depression after my first child was born..i fear this will happen second time,since it was horrible for the first,endless crying,angry,suffocated feeling and miostly sleep deprievd,so anyone can help me out here with some good suggestions,i hope i can get many responses...thansk for the help...


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Be careful because depression in pregnancy can lead to PPD. I was severely depressed with both pregnancies due to hormones I suppose but I didnt get PPD afterwards. My last one the health nurses felt i was but I just shrugged it off. See a doctor.

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sorry sharon, i confused ur name for sandi...i forgot to mention i had breast fed my first kid for 6 months,still it didnt help with my PPD..

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Hey! I had really really bad post partum depression - I could picture myself doing horrible things. Talk to your doctor - although it is not highly recommended, it is better to take a medication for depression, even in pregnancy, because it is better than some of the alternatives. Also, if you suffered PDD last time, your chances for suffering it this time are greater - it is recommended that even if you don't start a medication now, that you do start it about a month prior to delivery so it is in your system when the fit hits the shan. I agree a sleep aid would not hurt, I also agree that you need to get sunshine - 30 minutes a day, not through sunglasses, is the minimum you need. But first and foremost - call your doc!

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Talk to your doctor.

It sounds like the bulk of your depression is coming from a lack of sleep. So some sort of sleep aid might be necessary.

You need to get out in the sunlight too. Take frequent walks.

Tell your doctor about the PPD and your fears that it will take over with this second birth. It may or may not happen. Because you're fretting about it - you may bring it on even if its through severe lack of sleep.

Talk to your friends. Get some volunteers lined up in case the worst happens. I swear PPD gets worse for some women because they can't handle the extreme lack of sleep that happens to them after the baby is born.

What you really need is some help in the evenings, maybe some premade meals. If people are asking you what can they get you - tell them you need their best casserole dish so that when you're sleep deprived you can just toss a meal into the oven and sit back for a few minutes.

If any of them can come over and maybe take the first couple of early night feedings or maybe drop by on the weekend so you can get a good long nap in.

Don't beat yourself up about the little things. If you are planning on breastfeeding - I hear that helps alleviate depression. But if you turn out to have issues with it, then let it go. You're already fighting several battles here. You don't need that extra stress.

Go outside as soon as its bright, if you don't feel like walking just sit in a chair and tell yourself how lucky you are the baby is healthy, how lucky you are that you are healthy, how lucky you are to have a place to live, how lucky you are you're 10 yr old is such a good girl, stay there for 15 minutes even if you run out of things to say.

Good luck and hang in there.

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