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I am now a stay at home mom with two small children. With my last daughter, i gained 40 pounds...ehh, I know :/ I don't really have any time for the gym, but I really want to lose this.

What kind of exercises do you guys do at home to get fit/stay fit.


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Do you have a double running stroller? If not, they are a great investment. I run every morning--long run (7 miles) on Tues. & Thur., short run (3 to 4 miles) on Mon, Wed, Fridays. If we don't have an active weekend plan, I do long runs on the weekend. Even bigger kids enjoy riding in a running stroller--they are roomier and you're going faster which adds an element of fun.

How old are your children? Can you carry them in child packs for hiking? We were able to carry J on most of our hikes until he was about 3 years, then he had to start walking. Putting them in the backpack works two fold--you can set a faster pace, plus you get a core strength workout :)
Also try letterboxing with the kids--google it. It's a lot of fun for kids and will get you moving outside.

Make your date nights active--forego the traditional dinner and movie to go dancing, go for a bike ride, walk through a park or explore your city on foot.

I do still use the gym for a lot of my workout though. If you feel like you don't have time for one, check into the ones with childcare. When J was little, my time at the gym was the only "Me time" I got somedays. It's how I kept my sanity.

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Walking. I love to walk and it is an easy and cheap way to stay fit. I prefer to do a quick or brisk walk about 3-5 miles by myself, but with little ones that is hard to do. If one is old enough to ride a bike have that one ride bike while you walk with the stroller with the other one.....this helps to keep your speed up and adds weight to your walk. If both are too little then invest in a good double stroller if you don't already have one. And then go for a good brisk walk.

Even just going to the park and running around with them helps. Play a game of chase or a race you to this spot. Throwing a ball back and forth can also give you lots of exercise especially if your kids are little and the ball does not get caught many times. :) If you have one of those two seater buggies that hook on behind your bike that can be great exercise too. That will really get your legs and abs going.:) Not sure if you have any gaming systems, but the wii and xbox have some good exercise games.....ones you can do without any attachments. Sit-ups and push-ups are always good, but my least favorite things to do or try to do :). For your legs another good one is sitting on the couch with your legs out straight. Have your child sit straddled facing you on your feet. While holding their hands lift your feet up. Your child will want to do it longer then you will be able to :).


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I do workout videos at home. My daughter loves to join in on the fun as well, she thinks it's a game :) So it's great quality time for her and I plus I get a workout in as well. If you don't have workout videos, there are also exercise routines OnDemand if you have cable. Another alternative would be good old fashioned calisthenics (push ups, situps, planks, jumping jacks, etc.) Good luck with your weight loss endeavors!

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