getting married on our birthday .. yes we get old together.

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my fiance and I share birthdays.. we are planning on getting married on our birthday and we need advice on how to word the invitations so everyone can know how meaningful it is. Any ideas???


~♥Little Miss - posted on 11/03/2012




Hmmmm....personally i would not put anything about birthdays on the invitation itself. The main point of the celebration will be in honor of uniting as a married couple. What would be cool is to have your wedding cake, and a special birthday cake with both of your names on it at the reception, and a special mention of how much more special this day is for you both to share due to uniting on your birthdays. I am just not so sure it is appropriate for the invitations. That is (no offense) secondary to the occasion. It might seem like you are asking for presents not just for your wedding, but also for your birthdays. Kinda tacky. The whole birthday thing and picking that particular date is really for the both of you.

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