Getting my 8 year old diagnosed

Mary - posted on 12/04/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




My daughter has had signs since she was young.
She didn't speak first word till about a year.
Walking she didn't fully walk till she was almost 2 ( extremely wobbly walking )
when her dad died she stopped talking completed for almost 7 months.
potty training was a HUGE battle ( still has accidents at night and even while awake on occasion)
she does not know pain( meaning if another child would cry she don't. Example: broke her collar bone she didn't cry a tear)
Roams off at any give time day or night( alarms , bells etc have had to be installed )
she has a speech problem
fine motor skills issues* seeing occupational therapist for)
diagnosed with specific learning disabilities threw her last school but even with the help she is a F student
she is extremely emotional and will get really upset in situations other children would not (example:grades award ceremony the 4 teachers were naming children who were getting awards. Phoenix cried the whole time. When I asked her what was wrong she said they kept calling other kids .'why don't they call my name I'm a kid.")
She doesn't register danger(example: tries to shove things in light fixture... She did this just the other day; she has talked to stranger and taken things from them... We have time and time and time again told her not to its unsafe..)
she has been diagnosed ADHD. But I have 4 kids 3 daughter 1 son and helping my sister with her 5 kids. I know my child and I know something isn't right. I have mentioned it to not one but 2 pediatricians both within same practice and was told I shouldn't be so concerned. We have asperger in our family 2 of my cousins daughters and my sisters youngest son.

Can anyone help me find the help I need?

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