Getting my 8 year old motivated to do her homework

Simona - posted on 11/03/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have an 8 year old girl who absolutely hates homework. She doesn't finish it at school or at daycare nor at her tutors after school. When i get home at 6:45pm from work, I am making dinner and trying to get her to complete her homework in a timely manner. She has so much! She has to be in bed by 8:30 so i am cramming everything in. My husband gets home a little bit later and also tries to help. Are we doing something wrong?


Raye - posted on 11/04/2015




You have to tell her that she must have her work done by a certain time... whether it's before or after she gets home, you need to set a rule. If she doesn't comply with the rule, there needs to be consequences and she still needs to get it finished. You have to follow through on this every time. Ask to see her work the second it's supposed to be done, either when she first gets home, or by whatever time you've given her to complete it. If it's not done then enact the consequence.

If you feel that the school gives her too much work, maybe you should have a talk with her teachers. Maybe she's also not doing work in class, and so has to bring it home to finish. If that's the case, she needs to know that classwork must be done in class, and if you find out she's not doing it, then consequence. From what you've said, it seems she just doesn't want to do it, and that could affect her for life if it's allowed to continue.

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