getting my daughter to stay in her own bed, and fall asleep

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My daughter will be 2 in a few weeks, she slept perfect from a baby till now. I introduced her to her big girl bed, she loves the bed though hates the idea of having to go into bed herself, i have tried sitting at the bottom of her bed till she falls over, this works till she wakens throught the night and the temper is terrible. I have two older boys at school age and without fail she wakens them through the night. I need all the advice i can get on tis. I have tried leaving her till she settles though she's strong minded and wont give in, she will climb over her safety gate at her door.


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Perhaps she is not ready for a regular bed yet. The recommendation is 2.5 years before going out of crib. Yes, it is only a recommendation and many kids do fine earlier but perhaps, your daughter is not ready. My daughter was in a crib until 2.5. My son, will more than likely be the same, we will see (he is only 18 months, right now). We are going to buy him a regular bed (a car toddler bed) for Christmas this year (he will be 26 months then) but we are not going to get him to sleep in it, rather let him pretend and get use to it first.

Just a suggestion. Good luck. ;)

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