Getting my son to sleep UNDER the covers

Kelly - posted on 03/02/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




My nearly 4yr old doesnt sleep with a Pillow and wont sleep under any covers. No Blankets, Sheets or anything allowed. Ive tried to have duvet covers he likes like spiderman, dinosaurs, animals and others but that doesnt work.
He is now choosing what PJ's if any to wear which is ok and i know being in north queensland in australia it is bloody hot like most of the year but when he goes to bed in his nappy only he has to get cold. I get cold at night at times so he must do but i cant get him to sleep under covers.
Ive tried going in there in th emiddle of the night but he wakes up enough to throw them off and go back to sleep.
Anyways have any ideas or been in this situation and had something work.


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Amy - posted on 03/02/2011




My son is 5 we're lucky if we can get him to put underwear on to go to bed and we have snow on the ground right now! He sleeps with a blanket however he balls it up and uses it as a pillow. If he is really cold he will put pjs on but he takes them off in the middle of the night. I know my son is hot blooded I could be under 8 blankets and he's naked and sweating. Leave a blanket if he gets cold he'll use it!

Kelly - posted on 03/02/2011




thanks ladies, just though ti would ask the question as i wasnt sure if using a pillow was a must at this age and mayeb your right he is naturally hot. he has always got sweat beads on his nose.


Katherine - posted on 03/02/2011




I don't really think that this is a big issue. Most kids kick their blankets off. Obviously he is too warm. Just put him in warmer PJ's if it's cold out.

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My son (3 at the end of this month) won't sleep w/ any covers on either. I know he runs warmer than I do, but I also know he gets chilly (co-sleeping... I've felt his feet). He does pick his jammies, but he has to choose from weather appropriate ones. I put socks on him when it's a chillier night. On really chilly nights I stick a blanket on him while he's sleeping, but he'll just kick it off or roll out from under it.

Tyrae - posted on 03/02/2011




He may just run hot naturally. For instance my hubby calls me a furnace. I live in Canada and it can get extremely cold in the winter time (on top of it I live in a basement suite!) and I get so warm I have to sleep on top of the blankets (this is with it being -10 to -20 celsius outside). My hubby needs to be under the blankets at all times, because he is cold most of the time, and he uses me as his "furnace" for when he's extra cold. I would just leave it be. If your son can know when he's too hot to throw the blankets off, he'll know when he's too cold to sleep without them.

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