Getting my stomach back to shape after having a baby!!!!

Ivy - posted on 09/20/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My baby boy is now 19 months and I still have a problem with my stomach. It is big and just refuses to go down and the worst part is that right at the bottom of it (Stomach), it forms a mushroon shape. My friends say i should have used one of those slimming belts to help get my stomach back down, straight after I had the baby. Problem is I had my baby through C-Section (Featal distress), I tried those slimming belts but they were just to painful and I felt that it would hinder the healing process of my stitches. I desparately need help as I am on a diet right now and feel that there is movement in everything else except my belly. This really makes me feel unconfortable because before I had my baby I had a nice slim tummy. I can deal with everything else, the strech marks and having put on some weight, but I simply cannot handle a big tummy. Any advise on how I can lose stomach fat would be much appreciated. I know it might be a long journey, but it's one I'm prepared to take. I would prefer to do it the natural way and not surgically.


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Sarah - posted on 01/05/2016




This post is 5.5years old Alvina. Please try to advertise your tea elsewhere.

Zoe - posted on 09/20/2010




my daughter is 2 and a half and i still have a big tummy big enough people think im preggers again (im not) but ive been doing sit ups and aerobics and iv lost some of my tummy its starting to look ok again but it will take time iv bin doin this since last xmas its taking a lot to re tone my tummy

Angie - posted on 09/20/2010




Do toning exercises and lose weight. Fat does not come off our bodies uniformly. When I lose weight, the first fat I lose is in my breasts (and they're tiny anyway), then I lose belly fat, then thigh fat. Your belly may never be as flat as it was before you got pregnant, the muscles were stretched and could prevent that. When I weighed 100 pounds and had 19% body fat, I still had a tiny tummy - it'll never be flat again but I look at my children and it was all worth it!

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