Getting out of bed to "go potty" over and over and over

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My two and a half year old is fully potty trained--no diapers or pull ups at all--and does a great job. But she has recently started getting up to go potty a couple minutes after I put her in bed. Sometimes she goes, sometimes not. Then she goes back to bed, only to get up again 5 minutes later to go poo-poo. Again, sometimes she goes, sometimes not. This continues for three or four or even more times. I don't know how to stop it! If it was anything but going potty I would just say, "no" and put her back in bed...but I don't want her to wet her bed. I don't know how to tell when she really has to go and when she doesn't. Most of the time, even if she does go, it is a ploy to get out of bed.

I started a chart that shows everything we do before naptime or bedtime, including going potty, so most of the time she ahs already gone before getting in bed. Any ideas on how to convince her that she does not need to get up to go potty? I'm just so tired of fighting with her! It takes her at least an hour to go to sleep, often more like 2 hours, and I can't handle that anymore!!


Iridescent - posted on 03/26/2011




Could she be constipated and feeling the urge while trying to rest because of it? A child can be constipated even with daily bowel movements. Look at the consistency and amount. It should be like toothpaste, and quite a lot. Prune juice can really help, or ask the doctor about Miralax. She may also have a yeast or bladder infection. Both are common in girls, especially once potty trained (due to wiping incorrectly).

Otherwise, she could just be getting used to everything and wanting to be sure she won't wet. Given time, she'll adjust and stay in bed. But our 9 and 11 year olds are still up to pee 3+ times per night each, and it's a full bladder each time! They no longer require my help though. :)

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