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Hello i need some help i came off the depo injection in jan 2012 after being on it for 11yrs and have just had my first period now, myself and my partner are wanting to have a baby can anyone tell me whether its possible to become pregnant after my first period after depo? Ive read lots of conflicting information and wondered if anyone knows which info is correct.. Thanks


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Thanks for your reply my doctor said it varies depending on the individual and stated it could take up to 18 months to leave my system but theres nothing set it stone i wish i'd known this before i would have stopped it a lot sooner. Im hoping i will be lucky and fall pregnant quickly 18 months is a long time fingers crossed it happens soon ;)

Denikka - posted on 12/31/2012




Just like your very very first period, it's possible. Having a period means that your body is back into its normal rhythm, meaning ovulation and preparation for pregnancy.
On any given month, you have a 15-25% chance of getting pregnant every cycle, and it usually takes about 4 months of trying before you will get pregnant.

With any chemical form of birth control, from what I've found anyways (do not have the medical information to back me up, so this is more opinion than fact), is that it usually takes longer to really get back into your natural rhythm and to be able to get pregnant, and/or stay pregnant.
I believe this is because you are altering your natural chemistry, especially when it's done over a long period of time (11 years IS quite a along time). You've basically given your body a new *normal*, so it's going to take some time to get back to the natural *normal*.

From my little bit of reading though, I found one source that said something to the effect of *up to 2 years* before getting pregnant after being on the shot. Talking to your doctor may give you extra, and more accurate information.
Good luck conceiving :)

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