Getting pregnant after having a baby so soon

Delilah - posted on 04/20/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




How difficult is it for a new mommy to have children back to back and is it safe my dr said since I had a c section I need to wait a year ?


~♥Little Miss - posted on 04/21/2013




Well, your body needs time to heal. The reason your doctor said to wait is because uterine ruptures can happen if you have children to close together after a c section. Your body needs to heal, and the less time you give it, the weaker the scar is. You had MAJOR surgery. Your body needs to recover properly.

Liz - posted on 04/21/2013




You need that time after a C-section unless you feel like having your uterus tear, potentially killing you and any unborn child at the time and definitely ending your childbearing days, even if you're lucky enough to survive it. It's not something to mess about with.


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Michelle - posted on 04/21/2013




I wouldn't personally. I had 2.5 years between my first 2 and I found that was great. I had time with my first one and when he was getting more independent we had #2. It also meant that #1 could help a bit with #2 and not feel left out.

Having a c section is worse than a natural birth and there is a reason your doctor has said to wait a year before FALLING pregnant. It's dangerous for you and your baby and may end up with you not being able to have any more at all. You can rupture your uterus and have to have a hysterectomy, do want the choice of more children taken away from you just for the sake of 6 months or so?

A year in the life of a child goes way too fast so why not enjoy your baby that you have instead of rushing to have another.

Sarah - posted on 04/20/2013




It is best to let you body recover. If you don't it can lead to complications during your next pregnancy as well as life long complications. It is also nice to have that one-on-one time with your current child. That is such precious time that you will never get back once you have another because then your time is divided. Allow time to bond with this child and develop a good and strong relationship. I remember when my second was born and for the first two months she would nurse every hour around the clock. I was VERY tired, but I also felt really bad for my oldest child. We hardly got any one-on-one time during that time. If we started to play with something it was not long before I was back at feeding. He could sit by me while I fed, but it was hard to play like he wanted me to play. Enjoy the blessing you have now and another will come in due time.

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