Getting pressure from everyone because my 1 yr old only eats stage 2

Sheryl - posted on 07/27/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm a FTM and my daughter will only eat stage 2 baby foods. A lot of people have a fit about us only feeding her stage 2 foods. She gags or tries pushing the stage 3 food out of her mouth with her tongue so now I put the stage 3 in a nuby mesh bag. Everyone likes to compare that when their babies were her age they were eating so and so... Which makes my husband and I feel like she's behind. Mind you she eats stage 2 so well. I'm really proud of her. I'm part of a forum of other July 2015 moms and some are refusing solids no matter what stage they offer them.

The doctor wants to do speech therapy if she keeps refusing stage 3 foods. It's supposed to teach her how to manipulate her mouth to learn.

Is it normal to go through the gagging and trying to push the food out of her mouth? I should also mention we tried cereal at 4.2 months but I wanted to wait till the 6 month mark for baby food so we decided to hold off on stage 1 till 5 months old.

Also my daughter is very interested in what we eat. And feeds herself with her spoon. I keep seeing "finger foods" any tips on what I can/should try to get her to like more than just the one texture stage 2 offers?


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Sarah - posted on 07/27/2016




I agree with Dove. It is not something you did or did not do. It is hard to hear others chime in their two cents. My youngest did not do well with stage 3 babyfood, but does well with finger foods. Toast, grilled cheese, pasta, mac and cheeae, eggs, pancakes are all good ones. I would first start with puffs, Graham craxkers, cheerios....those all disolve easy.

As Dove said some kids have issues with texture and it just takes time and working with it. Some kids have problems with their mouth/jaw. Speech and eating/chewing then go hand in hand. Working with a speech therapist will help her learn how to work her mouth better.

Dove - posted on 07/27/2016




Gerber 'puffs' are good (and very well liked... from babies to to try... and they dissolve fairly easily. Bananas, well cooked carrot or sweet potato...

It is a normal phase, but most kids go through it when they are babies. Some young toddlers do have texture issues as well. If the doctor thinks speech therapy will help there is absolutely no harm in it.

This is just her... it could be she's just not interested yet or it could be a little something she needs some help w/ to get. It's nothing you did or did not do. Babies aren't even supposed to have solids (and for this purpose rice cereal IS a solid) under 6 months anyway.

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