getting rid of the bottle

Amber - posted on 06/27/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




my son is 26 months and loves his bottle mostly it's just for when he sleeps but at night he still goes through at least 3. I tell myself i have to practice tough love and let him cry but i also feel hes to young to understand why im not giving him something he feels he needs so i can't do it. My dr. yelled at me and told me he was gonna have bad teeth when we went for his last check up.. (which by the way he has the preattiest white teeth i've ever seen) but he still made me feel like i was a bad mom.. Im not sure what to do he feels like he is not ready to give it up completly


Kim - posted on 06/27/2011




My boys are 18 months and stopped the bottle at 12 months. They know what they can't have. If we go out and they pick up a stick, I tell them to give it to mommy and they give it to me. Or if we are at the park and they pick up someone else's ball, they give it back. He doesn't need to really understand why he can't have the bottle, cause he will never see it again after you take it away. It doesn't make you a bad mom, you just don't want to hurt your babies feelings. But trust me, he will get over it.

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