GF packaged buying options-savings

Tamika - posted on 01/24/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




I buy my GF/DF foods on amazon whenever I plan ahead-since just buying my enjoy life choc chips at the local store yesterday had them at 5.09 for less than a pound of choc chips...CRAZY-on amazon they are WAY cheaper. My family eats mostly NORMAL food-not packaged stuff-BUT we do like to have a snack from time to time...Cookies/Brownies/Pancakes-they are all cheaper on amazon and taste better than if I bought 6 dif flours (not to mention way cheaper). I have tried to make my own gf/df stuff and only about half of it tastes the bobs red mill mixes are key to my happy family-my QUESTION: Has anyone used the subscribe and save option? I ALWAYS run out before I get around to ordering (mommy brain at its best) and I just want to know if they are -trust worthy-same prices every time-send on time not late or early...
I will still make special cookies with dif flours for holidays-hubby loves the molasses cookies and the girls love my (un)thin-mints. I still have lots of leftover flours from experimenting, BUT everything I make from scratch is iffy...using just plain rice flour instead of the blends doesn't taste good either...HELP??

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