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Hello ....

around this time of the year, i start to plan my christmas list for the family. I have a budget, and i try to start looking and do shopping early. well my son will be 7 months old on Christmas, and i really dont know what i should get him. i have some ideas on my mind, but do anyone know any type of "needs" he might need.?? when should i put shoes on him?

he is 4 months right now..

also, what are some types of socking stuffers for a baby besides toys and pacifiers?


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My boy was 8 months at Christmas last year. What we did was buy him some toys he could play with THEN....and some that were rated for a LITTLE older than his current age. I got him several things for 18 months+. He may have not shown any interest in the activity table (18+) when he got it at Christmas...but by February it was his favorite toy. Get him a few toys he can "grow into". As a side that it is September...that activity table is boring now. They grow in and out of toys so fast, I wouldn't spend a HUGE amount of money on something so temporary. Get the cheap ones. Save the serious money for things you can invest his big boy furniture.
A walk through the Dollar Tree (everything is $1) let me fill my boys stocking for about $40.00 (he has a REALLY big stocking...I do NOT recommend a huge stocking for ANYONE! That was MY screw-up) Look for big things....bath sponges with little animals sewed to it...packs of socks....bathtub toys....even some doggie chew toys are acceptable. They are ONLY rubber squeaky toys, they make the same ones for both puppies and babies. Some of my cutest pictures of my boy are with him chewing on a rubber doggie toy hotdog. There are a few candies that are safe for a little one....a bag of ring pops takes up a lot of space in a stocking.
Your little one could be in a walker soon...That could be considered for Christmas....and would be practical.
Another thing to consider for his stocking is bathroom supplies. Lavendar bath soap, baby shampoo, baby oil....whatever you use. A few days before Christmas Daddy and I went to buy normal groceries. Once we got home, Daddy started WRAPPING everything we bought. Whoah dude! no need to wrap the CHEETOS! He says, "why not? aren't they for my boy? Santa Claus brought him his favorite snack" That's how we ended up with a basket of bathroom supplies, a bag of cheetos and a box of coconut bar cookies under the christmas tree.
All put together...all wrapped with love, every step was a tip toe...we just LOVED being Santa Claus....and in the end, the only thing my boy was interested in was the great big box Daddy's new stereo equipment came in.
Happy Holidays!

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stay away from foam blocks. when they teethe they chew and can bite off chunks that may choke them. My doctor said shoes before they are a year old are not really necessary... medium sized wood blocks and large plastic rings, things that are easy to grab. At 7 months you may need teething rings. Bibs and teething rings would be good stocking stuffers.

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My daughter was 7 months old at her first Christmas. Here is a list of the BEST gifts she got from Santa and our relatives.

1. Board books! Reading to your child is important, but little kids will tear the nice paper books. Board books are perfect for the little ones.

2. Bath toys

3. A toy mirror - at that age my daughter loved playing with the baby in the mirror

4.Large foam mat for the floor - helps soften the blow of falls from trying to sit up and crawl, easier to spray with disinfectant and clean everyday than it is to keep the floor clean, look for the mats that don't have pop out letters or numbers because they fall out and it's annoying.

5. A baby swing to set up under the carport or on a tree - a favorite of my daughter to this day....who is now two!

6. Stocking - pajamas, toothbrush and toothpaste, rattle toy, DVD (to start the Disney DVD collection)

That sounds like a lot, but I promise "Santa" didn't bring the majority of that. My daughter is very loved and spoiled by her

Also, babies don't NEED shoes until they walk. It doesn't hurt them, so it's really a personal choice. A good option if you are considering shoes are those soft shoes. They sell them at Target.

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Well my daughter was six months for her first christmas and her stocking fillers were baby wipes and nappies along with some toys and from santa she got a sit and ride car you know those ones that grow with them and lots of clothes


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My daughter was 5 months old on her first Christmas. She got a Playskool Learning Puppy from granny and it was a huge hit! She still plays with it.
Other than that she got books, clothes, puzzles, ... I truly can't remember what was in her stocking.
Come to think of it, we have all her Christmas presents, but we still need to find stuff for her stocking...

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My kids wore shores they day they were born and ever since. Winter clothing?? Hats, mittens, snowsuit. Seriously don't go nuts he will out grow them so fast and really doesn't have a need for much now a couple of age appropriate toys. Literally one or two and then clothing he needs should really be more than enough. He really won't be even very mobile by 7 mo's.

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I didnt put shoes on til my baby was already walking. Toys for a 7 month old. My son loves anything that played music, animals, blocks, teething toys. He was crusing at 7 months so we bought him and he still uses it now at 15 months he drives it like a car now. Stocking stuffers can be warm clothes for the winter, sippy cups, books.

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