Girl lied to get out of giving me a ride

Sarahpeterson4ever - posted on 05/31/2016 ( 6 moms have responded )




Yesterday before my church group I asked a friend that goes there and lives near me if she could give me a ride home. She said sorry Im not going home to our town afterwards, so I had to ask thepastors wife for a ride home and she ended up having to leave early. As we were leaving I overheard some other girl talking to her saying ishe thinks shes going with the girl who coulnt give me a ride and her asking if she wants to ride with her or the girl that couldn't give me a ride (the girl who was deciding who to ride with lives near me too) So girl who couldn't give me a ride was lying about going back to our town afterwards?? That or she was willing to go out of
her way to give this person a ride but not me ? Why would she lie to me?? Because of her I had to leave early before everyone else! Because she lied to me


Dove - posted on 05/31/2016




Oh just stop.... This is like the 3rd post I've read from you whining about these other people. They clearly do not want to be as close to you as you do to them for whatever reason... so just stop. While giving you a ride and/or being honest would be nice... she was not obligated to do so.

Do you not have your own vehicle? Plan ahead to avoid these situations or just accept whatever happens. We do not know this person, so have no way of knowing why she handled the situation the way she did. Talk to HER about it... or let it go.


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 06/01/2016




Exactly HOW OLD are you?

All of your posts scream HS age.,.,which is a very tough age, but you need to get off thinking that these specific people absolutely HAVE to spend time with you, cater to you, and give in to you.

Sarah - posted on 06/01/2016




Sarah, in response to all of your posts; you seem to be basing your own self worth and fulfillment on how much time you spend with friends. If you are not content with your own life, growing up and starting to separate from friends, maybe you are not great company? All of your posts are about why did someone exclude you, and your efforts to find out why? Your posts also sound very much like the one who did not get invited to the wedding as well. Have you simply considered asking the girl who did not give the ride, or blocked you on twitter why they did this?
In regard to the post about moving the church trip; Do you hear yourself? Can you imagine the thought, time and effort it takes to plan a church trip? People may have already taken off work and arranged their schedules so they could attend, and you want to ask him to change the date so you can see this one girl?
You attitude of "if I don't see her now, I will never see her again" is quite dramatic. Doesn't she have family nearby, belong to the same church? Certainly she will visit and there is always Face-time, Skype, or even the phone.
My advice is to talk to your pastor about why you need the approval and acceptance of other girls to feel good about yourself? If you don't love who you are, then others won't either.

Brandye - posted on 06/01/2016




She doesn't OWE you a ride. And its clear to me that she just didn't want to take you. Are you a nice person?

Michelle - posted on 06/01/2016




I think you need to stop worrying so much about these girls and find some nicer friends.
You sound like your in high school and we keep saying the same things in the other posts. True friends don't give you this much of a headache. Move on and forget them.

Jodi - posted on 06/01/2016




What are you, in high school? Seriously? Just ask her. Otherwise, move on!

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