Girl Name Suggestions (a lot of "rules")

Elizabeth - posted on 11/23/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My husband and I are TTC, so we are brainstorming names. Our DS is Ricky. Our future boy's name is Brady. (We are going to have 3-4 kids, so I'm sure there will be another boy). And our future girl's middle name will be Annette (It is my mom's [Yvette] and his mom's [LeeAnna] names together--and we think it is pretty. We've thought about this being the first name but we do not like the nicknames Ann or Annie.
This makes girls names HARD!
**It cannot end in -y, -ee, -ie. (I think it sounds odd to have all 3 kids end in the cutesy -y sound).
**Our last in is Roberson (ROB-er-son, not ROBE-r-son), so we have to be careful of the "Rs".
**Cannot end in -son, -sen.
**Since her middle name will be Annette, have to be careful of the vowel endings.
**And our styles are kind of different lol.
**There are a lot of names that are used in the family or close friends.

We both like Nadia---but I feel it's way too different with Ricky and Brady. But it is my top runner.
I love the name Abigail, but it is our niece's middle name, and my best friend's name is Abby.
I like Evelyn, but there is one at my son's home daycare and my husband ignores when I suggest this name.
We both like Macy---but it runs into that -y problem!

PLEASE throw some suggestions my way! I'm stumped!


Gena - posted on 11/24/2013




Why dont you wait till you are pregnant... I think you should look on the internet since you have quite some "rules" and you are already planning names for 3/4 kids..sry cant help.

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