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Samantha - posted on 01/19/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




My just turned 14 year old son just started dating. He has tried several times to brake up with a girl about a year younger (she is easy & manipulates him). Her mom has drove her daughter to my neighborhood (he has virtual school) and dropped her off to be intimate with my son, showed up the day after a family crisis uninvited without notice, showed up seeking us out at a family lunch on the other side of town and offered to stalk me around town while I took my children shopping with their Xmas money(didn't want me to know). He had phone privileges revoked and the mother offered to buy him one knowing that he had gotten in trouble. They also offered for my then 13yr old to come live with them or spend the weekends at their house with their daughter! (Offenses not in chronicle order). I have confronted the parent and other members of their family, they are well aware of my discontent and reported them to DCF. I am almost ready to move cities just because of them and am going to file a restraining order today if they allow it. They are causing my son and our family a great deal of stress. My son wants to move on. What would another mother do to keep CRAZY away from their kids.


Raye - posted on 01/19/2016




This sounds very strange for the parents of the girl to be stalking the family unless the girl is pregnant or your boy is still trying to see her and has convinced the parents that you're interfering with their true love. What did the mother say when you confronted her? Did she give a reason why they were acting this way? You could try a restraining order, but I don't have much faith in them. Your family needs to be on the same page that it's over. Your son needs to stop "trying" to break up with the girl and actually do it... for real... for good. Don't blame it all on the girl for manipulating him, he's letting himself be manipulated. Teach him that it is not love when someone acts like that.

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