Girls 13th birthday party ideas

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My daughter is turning 13 later this year and wants something "different" than the other girls. It's an all girls party and about 20 girls. She's already done a Hollywood party, spa party and disco party. She would maybe like a sleepover but probs not all the girls


Josie - posted on 08/16/2014




From a kids perspective:

themes: beach party pool party, glow in the dark, minute to win it,willy wonka,roller skating,lazer tag,going to a trampoline place, amusement park, restrant, rent a hotel room,make a resturant (with tables,chairs, a stage, neighbors or siblings as "wators or waitresses"like a cafe),arcade, candy shop or even a simple party at home.

Food: Coordinate it with the theme ex:cafe offer hot cocoa, and small appetizers

games: scavenger hunt,capture the flag,blindfolded makeovers, etc. and for pool or water games, chicken fight,categorys,handstand competition,etc.

sorry if these tips were really bad, or there were any problems with what i wrote im just really tired
-From a kids perspective, Josie-

Jennifer - posted on 06/13/2013




You could try doing a party in a hotel. When I was a teenager my mom got some friends and I a hotel room (and she stayed as well) and we swam, ate pizza and ordered movies on the TV. It was nice to feel like we had a little freedom.

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Thanks so much Jennifer she loved this idea but I'm making her shorten down her guest list. She told me to tell you that she thinks your amazing!


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It’s very difficult to plan parties for teens.They want to have their own say and will want it their way. I suggest you must discuss with your child and find out what she wants.You can suggest her some themes if you want to and ask her to choose any of them or just let her come up with her own idea. Some of the themes that you may suggest are Hannah Montana, Art party, Picnic party, Monster High, etc.I have found a link for you that is on kids birthday parties.You can refer this portal for more information.Here is the link!

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