Girls aged 5 and 3

Victoria - posted on 07/29/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




This is new to me so please bear with me ☺️
I have been blessed with 2 amazing girls both delivered by cesarean. I have been split up with their dad for coming up to 2 years and I have been on an extreme emotional roller coaster.( Mostly by myself) and I worry constantly about the outcome of their child hood( no I'm not wishing their lives away, if anything I don't want them to grow up) I myself was involved in a road traffic accident 15 yrs ago and find it extremely hard to maintain close relationships. As I have scarring on my brain which affects emotions and relationships.
I have often thought that I suffer from some form of personality disorder or bipolar yet none have been confirmed. My girls are my world but like any mother out there when they feel their daughters are going to experience a lot of jealousy from a young age, it's hard to know what to say to your kids and above all to yourself. I myself can get very upset with another persons child if that have been really mean to my girls. ( such as deliberate exclusion from joining in the fun). It strongly makes me feel like telling the parent to sort their kid out or I will not be responsible for what I say to their child. Don't get me wrong we have to experience negativity. I have had at least 15 yrs of this personally. And when it comes to social gatherings and conflict I have told my kids to ignore the verbal stuff but when it get physical you are to do it back twice as hard and walk away. (My girls are well built lol)
Just wondering what other mums views and reactions would be in these types of situations. I am aware a lot of what moulds children's to what they become in a school setting it is through what I think how the parent or carer interact.
Any non judgemental comments great fully received

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