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Courtney - posted on 03/27/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




Okay, I have 2 daughters they are about 2 and a half years apart. The youngest is 4 months and sleeps in a crib in our room. Eventually, we will be moving her in the room with her almost 3 year old sister, but when do we do that? Has anyone had this situation before? They both have the same sleep schedules (bedtime at 7pm for the ounger one and 8pm for the older one), and they both stay asleep the whole night currently (which I figure might change for a bit as they get used to rooming together), butat what age for the younger one should I move her out of our room and into her sisters? I was thinking like 6-7 months, but my husband thinks more like 10-11 months (that was the age our oldest got her own room at 10 months). I though maybe sooner because she won't be alone in ther and we were worried with our oldest that she would be scared at night...which never happened; she LOVED sleeping in her room!! And the sharing of the room isn't the issue because our oldest wants to sleep in our room on the floor next to the baby's crib!! (She LOVES her little sister!!) So, please help...anything will be helpful! Thanks!


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My daughters, now 9 and 6, have always shared a room since my youngest was 6 months and sleeping all night. They can have seperate rooms if they want but they like being together. They talk at night and i think it has drawn them closer. Before my youngest could read her big sister would read to her at night and they sing to each other!! its awesome listening to them at night. Good luck! FYI my boys are the same way and they are 11 and 3. Bigger age difference but they enjoy being together. 4 kids in a 5 bedroom house and only 3 are lived in! lol

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I would say as long as your youngest sleeps through the night it should be fine. The only thing I would worry about is if your youngest is sharing a room with your oldest and keeps waking her up because she still wakes in the evenings. I plan on having another baby soon...within the year...and will be putting my children in the same room only if they aren't losing sleep that way.

I really don't see another problem with room sharing if your eldest has a good relationship with her little sister.

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Christy - posted on 05/31/2011




In my opinion, you can move the baby to the girls' room now! Especially since the baby is sleeping so well at night. You will sleep better with the baby out of your room and your relationship with your husband will improve as you have more personal time together to visit and make love without the baby nearby.

I'm impressed that you've already got the baby on a good sleep schedule. Good job!

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Mine share--girls were just barely 3 and 2-3 months when we moved them in together. (Our room got a bit colder than theirs in the winter and the littlest LOVED warmth so we moved her earlier than we kind of expected to.) They still have some night-wakings--the older one with nightmares, younger one because she's crazy I guess.. lol) anyway, they'll wake US up across the house, but they each sleep through the other's screaming.

For a bit there, I did have issues though with the older one waking up when the younger one did, and then she couldn't go back to sleep! for 3 hours! it happened more than once. so that was a tad crazy and i had to make sure to get to the younger one before she woke her sister, but that was a phase that passed, thankfully.

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My children currently share. The only pitfall is that they both wake at different times in the morning. so if one needs more sleep they will be cranky for the rest of the day. But i have no night time probs even when the younger one was sick and we had to keep going to to give medicine and things like that.

Courtney - posted on 03/27/2010




Yeah, that's kinda what I was thinking. I know I don't want to do it before 6 months...I want to make sure that the sleeping pattern is set deep in there. We will be moving in June, so I was thinking that in the new house (still only a 2 bedroom) I would give it a try. By then, the youngest will be almost 7 months, and I figure it might help the oldest with the new house adjusting. We will see though. I wanna see if anyone has had any successes or pitfalls with this room sharing stuff so I have an idea of how to go about doing it (talking to the oldest, etc).

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