Girls wearing makeup at 11 years old

Perla Sophia Perez - posted on 11/01/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




Yes girls at 11 years old can wear makeup only mascara eyeliner and lipstick that's all


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Chet - posted on 11/02/2014




Our girls (grades 3 and 5) have not expressed an interest in make up. And I'll be surprised if they become interested any time soon.

When kids do become interested I think you just educate them. You help them match the make up to the situation. Heavy stage make up belongs on the stage. If your child is in dance or theatre that's reasonable. Make up can be used to cover things, and I wouldn't deny a child with a birthmark or bad scar who was very self conscious about it learning to use make up to cover it up just because they were only 11.

If kids want to hardcore experiment with make up then it's dress up play, and you do it at home. School is very learning, not for dress up play.

If my 11 year old really wanted to wear make up to school we'd have to work out something reasonable for school. Although, a lot of the schools here have uniforms and I think that make up is restricted as part of the uniform policy at a number of the schools. I'd have to check if it is at ours. Make up hasn't really been a thing with girls here.

I do know that I don't want to be the parent of the 11 or 12 year old make up sneak who puts the make up when she gets to school, or at her friends' houses or on the bus. Lots of that went on when I was in grade seven. The girls weren't even wearing heavy make up. They looked reasonable. Their parents had just picked some random magic age for make up.

I'll add too, that if you want kids that don't pass judgement based on appearances, it goes both ways. You need to be careful addressing issues like make up or clothing choices. If you come down like a tonne of bricks on 11 year olds who wear make up (or the parents of 11 year olds who where wear make up) you're not exactly demonstrating a "what's on the inside is what matters" attitude yourself.

I think you need to educate kids about the messages certain choices can send. It's fair to warn them that some people do make judgements, but you need to be careful that you're not making judgements yourself when you deal with issues like this.

Where we live our kids see cross dressers, goths, body mods, serious fashion victims, and extreme make up pretty regularly. It's important to me that they not make assumptions about people based only on how they look.

Michelle - posted on 11/01/2014




My 11yo won't be. They don't need to wear makeup.
I only wear makeup for work, I go out in public on my days off without it and I will teach my daughter that she doesn't need it either.
You should be happy with yourself enough not to have to hide behind makeup.

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