Giving a dummy back to a weaned child?

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Hello, I know I'm a dad, but this site seems to offer really good advice :) I have a son who is about a month shy of turning 4 whom I have shared care of with my ex partner. Now, despite the fact I have carried on about it for two years or so, he still has a pacifier at his mothers house. I tried to discuss the issue, but got nowhere, so I recently took it upon myself to have the dummy fairy visit. He took a little longer to go to sleep at my house the first night, but has been fine ever since (this was a month ago). Unfortunately, when I informed his mother, whom I assumed accept the fact and remove his dummy up there, went the other way and has deliberately said that she is not taking it away from him until after christmas. He has it both during the day and of a night up there. My main question - I personally believe that anyone who would give a dummy back to a weaned child is setting their development back. Does this sound right? Does anyone know of a, preferably scholarly, source which I could use to hopefully convince her that she is not acting in our sons best interests? I only ask because I have tried to let it go, but when I watch his grandmother (on my ex's side) shove a dummy straight back in his mouth the moment he walks in the door, I feel really frustrated and undermined at the same time


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Unfortunately you can not control what your ex chooses to do or not do on her time with your son.

If you think she is being detrimental to him, start documenting everything, speak to his doctor, and ask a lawyer for advice on what, if anything, you actually CAN do here.

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