Giving up on son's health - repeated sickness

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Mommies , I am not sure if this post is a rant or a desperate cry for help. My son is 3.5 years old, had some allergies(dust) since birth. From his first birthday (about the time I weaned), he has been repeatedly sick. I keep thinking all kids go through this, but really - my kid has 104 on the forehead scanner pretty much everytime he is sick- and he is sick about once every 3 weeks - lasting for 1 week atleast. The high fever is just 3 days but this is followed or preceeded by bad cold/ and night time dry cough - to the extent he vomits every night around 3 AM. Doc has said it is asthma - but practically with no attempt to diagnose. I mean he has not wheezed for > 2 years now. I have been requesting them with a possiblity of ENT / other issues, but honestly - I dont know why my doc is not even willing to try the test? One reason he gave is that sinus is not developed in young kids. How long do kids suffer like this? Do most pediatricians respond this way? Any mommoies who have been through this .. could you please please help me out.
Also - thanks to his sicknesses - he has never been successfully attending school at a stretch. We have 1.5 years before his kinder granter starts. We want to work on his social skills ( which is another place where I am getting helpless) before expectations from him increase. Somehow he has been lacking in communication skills and would cling/ speak or play only with family. Preschool always says he would not even say he is wet or want to go pee though he is trained at home (for pee pee totally). I am really at loss on which issue to atckle first and if there is any hope that I will be a good mom who can help out her child at all.


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I would get a second opinion, find another doctor. You don't have to stick with 1 doctor if you aren't happy with them.
I feel Asthma is overly diagnosed so I think you are right to want more tests done. Go with you gut feelings, most of the time a Mother's gut feeling is right.

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